Show me the money


The ICAEW reports back on the results of this year’s Annual Salary survey.

Specialist recruiter Robert Walters has unveiled the results of its 2014 Salary Survey, a snapshot of pay levels across a selection of roles in both financial services and in-house accounting.

Here is the summary:


Accountancy remains a hugely rewarding profession at all levels, including the chance to develop strong transferable skills and real opportunities for progression. Recently, however, stalling growth in pay for some accountants may have created a feeling of dissatisfaction.

The first step in negotiating a pay rise is to document how your career has progressed, making a note of any new skills or responsibilities you have taken on. Arrange a meeting with your manager or make use of appraisals to outline these points and demonstrate how you have become an asset to the business.

Bear in mind where you’d like to be a few years down the line and how you intend to get there. This will give you an objective to work towards and help frame your next move. If in doubt, seek further advice on different qualifications or career paths available to ensure you achieve your goals.”



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